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Advertising Audit

What is Advertising Audit?
  • we make sure the visual and text message is targeted at customers
  • we monitor the timing and the way your ad is done, alert you to problems
  • we check media channels for manipulating statistics and audience volume
  • we're reviewing for conceptual and spelling errors in your ad texts
  • we correct errors for incorrect translation made on the other hand, including technical translations

Areas of Advertising Audit:
  • online advertising - we monitor the broadcast of your banners, their vision and environment
  • pre-press - we review your advertising materials and catalogs for errors and delusions before they go to print
  • print ads and press releases (including interviews) - review texts, vision and messages before they are finally submitted for print and publication
  • visual, technical and conceptual audit of promotional videos prior to their publication. Subsequent monitoring and monitoring of the quality and proper broadcasting of the video content
  • billboards - visual and conceptual audit before making and placing billboards. Subsequent monitoring of their condition and signaling in the event of a problem
  • radio advertising - conceptual and technical audit