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Web advertising - Google Remarketing | YouTube video ads

In the field of web advertising, we at BG Media provide the following services:
  • developing an annual (according to seasonality) web ad campaign
  • technical development of HTML banners and visions, tailored to marketing and marketing
  • daily monitoring and follow-up audit of campaigns implemented
  • Check and prevent media manipulation of statistics, impressions and clicks

We carry out planning and subsequent analysis of advertising campaigns.
We measure audience, customer satisfaction, trends and competition.

For each web-based advertising campaign, we compile full statistics based on independent metrics. We analyze the results, the pros and the gaps, determine the optimization needs in future campaigns. The goal of any web advertising campaign is to cost our customer less money and to lead to the right and larger audience with the right visions, advertising approach and messages. If necessary, we issue a certificate for broadcast campaigns.

We manage and monitor online ads in:
  • national, regional and specialized media
  • Facebook (our employees have graduated from Facebook Ad Academy)
  • YouTube
  • Google (we do Google remarketing)