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Social Media

Social Media managment - content and daily updates

Digital marketing covers a number of important parts - content management, graphic visions, planning and targeting of publications, adequate and logical correspondence with PR activities; synthesized presentation via text, photos and videos, timely reactions to user behavior and comments. On the other hand, there are all the technical implementations that lead to efficiency in reaching the target audience and optimizing the advertising budget in the case of advertising campaigns. 

Social Media - Content
  • Support for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube video channels
  • Support for corporate Facebook pages
  • Institution page support
  • Support of profiles of public figures and executives in companies and institutions
  • Create content for Facebook pages and groups
  • Manage, edit, and post comments on posts
  • Design graphic content for Facebook + Instagram posts
  • Design photos + text messages for Facebook + Instagram

Social Media - advertising campaigns and media planning
  • Manage advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
  • Settings for tracking structures and pixels
  • Dynamic Remarketing / Remarketing
  • Develop strategies for automatic chatbots
  • Develop video funnel strategies
  • Make the most of your advertising budget to reach a large target audience
  • Campaign reporting - people reach, ROI, traffic, time, conversions

The Social Media Management service includes work and advertising campaigns for commercial companies, NGOs, institutions and individuals, with the exception of political parties and gambling companies.

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