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Short videos on the web bring real performance compared to print and TV ads

Short videos on the web bring real performance compared to print and TV ads
Jul 03, 2018
Online video clips continue to capture customer interest much more than any other video production or conventional advertisement. When it comes to the effectiveness of PR and advertising, companies and brand representatives are investing more and more in online video and advertising than in traditional methods such as print and TV ads. But it also brings new challenges for businesses. The increasing use of online advertising is becoming a challenge for marketers and PR professionals as companies begin to invest relatively less in their campaigns as the content they want to promote increases. The study illustrates how the entire video creation industry is developing.

Marketing experts agree - the video production budget is maintained, but at the expense of the desired number of short video clips by companies.

Based on the survey, it is clear that many experts believe that there should be more transparency between PR agencies and brand companies. 45% of the survey participants believe that there should be more openness in the creative work process, while only 16% of participants believe that there is sufficient transparency. It turns out that most companies pay for advertising and video production without being able to have a complete and objective view of performance. They pay for a video for which they do not receive accountability and analytics in terms of spend, audience, and sales.

Business is changing, as is the way business is done. With the influx of many new content distribution channels and emerging technology trends, marketing and PR professionals are struggling to cope with the demands of fast-paced technology. The study reveals their views on these issues.

According to 55% of marketers, boosting product-specific posts (mainly on Facebook) has greater marketing power than direct audio-visual advertising.

Live broadcasting is still a challenge for marketers

Only 9% of survey respondents believe that marketing professionals know how to get the most out of live streaming on social networks.

Instagram and Snapchat stories are still a big challenge for many professionals

49% of marketers say that Instagram and Snapchat stories are difficult to share marketing content on social networks.

No matter how advanced the technology is, video professionals will not replace their high-tech equipment with smartphones

More than 70% of those surveyed believe that smartphones do not threaten traditional video production processes and customers will continue to request and order professional video and photo capture.

Most marketers believe that videos that are between 10 and 60 seconds get the most viewership

Less than 20% of those surveyed said that videos that are no less than 10 seconds and no longer than a minute are viewed the most. 45% of people think that videos that are between 10 and 30 seconds long are the most viewed, while 37% believe that videos between 30 seconds and a minute are the most watched.